You can judge the photos taken, in the photo album created for you on this website. You select the best three photos per person, which we will send to you in the largest format (suitable for a print of at least 30x45 cm).
The other photos will be delivered in a smaller size.

The location(s) chosen by you, where the photos will be taken, must meet a number of requirements, such as:

  • It must be a safe place for the photographer.
  • Other traffic must not be hindered or endangered.
  • The location should provide the opportunity to take beautiful photos. Consider, for example, background, enough light (not too much shade from trees), etc.
This will be assessed by the photographer on the spot.

A MotorFotoShoot for (a maximum of) 3 people costs € 69,00 (temporary promotional price instead of normal € 78,00), excl. travel costs of the photographer (€ 0,25 per km). Extra people pay € 15,00 per person. A pillion passenger does not count towards the number of people, however, if two people alternately use the same motorcycle as the driver, this counts for two people.

If you would like to receive more than three photos per person in a large format, you pay a surcharge (€ 2,50 per extra photo).

We are happy to provide prints (possibly on canvas) for you. We order the desired print for you from a printing center. You will also receive the ordered photos digitally in the largest format. The costs of the printing center will be passed on to you.

The photographer can come to you, but, of course, you can also come to the photographer (North-West Veluwe) to take photos over here and thus save on the kilometer costs to be paid. In the latter case, you have a nice tour.

A MotorFotoShoot is possible from Monday to Saturday and easily takes about two to three hours, depending on your wishes. However, during the working week is preferred, because photogenic places are often also attractive places for tourists and it will be less crowded there than on weekends. During the working week there will be better options for taking photos without disturbing elements in the background.

For more information, please contact us through our contactform

The prices mentioned are valid for non-commercial (private or eg motorcycle club) or small business photo shoots. Photo shoots for professional use: prices in consultation.