To buy photos


You can buy the photos on (except the private MotorPhotoShoots).
We offer you the following options:

A digital photo as on this website (about 530x800 pixels, 72 dpi with watermark)
Free of charge *
A digital photo as on this website (about 530x800 pixels, 72 dpi with watermark)
€ 2,00
A digital photo normal format (about 1200x1800 pixels, 300 dpi without watermark)
€ 4,25
A digital photo large format (about 3000x4500 pixels, 300 dpi without watermark)
€ 7,50
A print on paper 20x30cm (without watermark)
€ 10,00
€ 2,50
A print on paper 30x45cm (without watermark)
€ 10,00
€ 5,50
A print on canvas 30x45cm (without watermark)
€ 10,00
€ 35,00
A print on canvas 40x60cm (without watermark)
€ 10,00
€ 47,00
A print on canvas 50x75cm (without watermark)
€ 10,00
€ 72,00
Handling and shipping costs of the print center

* Get three, pay for one: you can order two free photos per paid photo. A free photo is always the photo, as it is on this website, so with watermark in a small format. If you do not need a larger size photo, you can also buy the watermarked photos, as they are on the website, at a reduced rate. Again, a paid photo entitles you to two free photos. But of course you are free to order any watermarked photo for a fee, because you would like to support our work.

The digital photos are delivered via WeTransfer. You can make (or have made) a printout by yourself.
The 1200x1800 pixel format is suitable for a print of at least 10x15 cm.
The 3000x4500 pixel format is suitable for a print of at least 30x45 cm.
It is often possible to print larger photos, but than the quality is not guaranteed by us. Some photos have been cropped, so the resolution may have become too small for a larger print. If you want a larger print, please ask our advice first for the photo in question.

If desired, we can also have photos printed for you (on canvas). For the best result, we always use a large-format photo regardless of the print size you want.
The price for printed photos includes an additional handling fee for ordering at the print center. You will also receive the printed photos digitally. The handling and shipping costs of the printing center are charged to you once per order.

If you want to buy a photo, put it in the shopping cart. From the photo album, click on the desired photo to enlarge. You then place it in your shopping cart via the image of the shopping cart below the photo.

The following rules apply to the use of a photo from (both free and paid):

  1. Digital photos that you have obtained from are for personal use only. You may therefore not resell or pass on these digital photos to others. You may give away a printout (e.g. to promote your team, or as a thank you to your sponsors), but not (re) sell.

  2. When using photos on a website, in a newsletter or in printed matter, please state the source as follows: 'Source:'.
    On a website or in a digital newsletter, the text '' must be a link that leads to the website.
    On social media, use the photo with our logo as it appears on our website.

  3. You may not modify the image in an acquired digital photo. However, you may lower the size (number of pixels) or dpi to make the photo suitable for use on your website.
    You may therefore not adjust the photo with, for example, a (photo) editing program.
    You may not put your own logo or (company) text on the photo, with which you intentionally or unintentionally claim the ownership / copyright of the photo.
    You may, however, print digital photos with, for example, a thank you text for sponsors, a Christmas wish or something similar.

  4. The watermark in a free photo or a with watermark bought photo may not be removed or modified.

  5. The copyright information in a photo (EXIF data) may not be removed or modified.

The mentioned prices apply to non-commercial (private or eg motorcycle club) or small business use of photos. Photos for professional use: prices in consultation.