Photo albums has taken pictures at a number of events. We also did several MotorPhotoShoots. Hereof, the following photo albums have been made. Click on a photo album to view the photos taken.

Saturday 30 September 2023Demo Classic Oosterwolde GLD
Saturday 16 September 2023MotorFotoShoot Frans (Mark en Linda)
Thursday 18 May 2023Classic Demo Nunspeet
Saturday 13 August 2022Classic Demo t Harde
Friday 1 July 2022Circuitdag Lelystad
Saturday 25 June 2022Zaterdagtraining TT Assen
Saturday 18 June 2022MotorFotoShoot Energysport Motor Toertocht 2022
Saturday 21 May 2022MotorFotoShoot Elly en Jean
Saturday 7 May 2022Classic Racedemo Hierden
Friday 6 May 2022Circuitdag Lelystad 2 (middagsessie)
Friday 6 May 2022Circuitdag Lelystad 1 (ochtendsessie)
Saturday 25 September 2021MotorFotoShoot Energysport Motor Toertocht 2021
Saturday 18 September 2021Kawasaki Meeting NDSM Plein
Saturday 26 June 2021Zaterdagtraining TT Assen
Saturday 5 June 2021Circuit Pottendijk Emmen
Saturday 29 May 2021MotorFotoShoot Marjan en Wijnand
Monday 3 May 2021Circuitmiddag Lelystad
Saturday 17 April 2021MotorFotoShoot Robert
Friday 21 February 2020Motorbeurs Utrecht
Saturday 16 November 2019Classic Trial Nunspeet
Thursday 14 November 2019MotorFotoShoot Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX SE
Saturday 29 June 2019Zaterdagtraining TT Assen
Wednesday 29 May 2019Classic Demo Nunspeet
Wednesday 22 May 2019MotorFotoShoot Celine en Ramon
Saturday 1 December 2018Kawasaki News Show
Saturday 6 October 2018Demo Classic Oosterwolde GLD
Saturday 14 July 2018Classic Demo Race Elburg Oostendorp
Saturday 30 June 2018Zaterdagtraining TT Assen
Saturday 2 June 2018MotorFotoShoot Energysport Motor Toertocht 2018
Saturday 21 April 2018Zaterdagtraining en Race 1 WK Superbike Assen
Saturday 14 April 2018MotorFotoShoot op de Posbank
Saturday 14 October 2017MotorFotoShoot Suzuki GS750E
Saturday 7 October 2017Classic Demo Race Oosterwolde GLD
Saturday 5 August 2017Gamma Racing Days
Friday 4 August 2017MotorFotoShoot RDW Toertocht
Saturday 24 June 2017Zaterdagtraining TT Assen
Thursday 25 May 2017Classic Demo Nunspeet
Saturday 20 May 2017MotorFotoShoot EnergySport Motortoertocht 2017
Saturday 29 April 2017Zaterdagtraining en Race 1 WK Superbike Assen
Saturday 1 April 2017WK IJsspeedway Heerenveen
Saturday 18 February 2017Open Beker Cross Nunspeet
Saturday 19 November 2016Classic Trial Nunspeet
Saturday 1 October 2016Classic Demo Race Oosterwolde GLD
Saturday 25 June 2016Zaterdagtraining TT Assen
Friday 3 June 2016MotorFotoShoot Sauerland met Henk
Saturday 16 April 2016Zaterdagtraining en Race 1 WK Superbike Assen
Friday 26 June 2015Vrijdagtraining TT Assen
Thursday 14 May 2015Classic Demo Nunspeet
Saturday 26 October 2013Trial Nunspeet
Saturday 19 October 2013Training op de motocrossbaan Nunspeet